About Us

All areas of our lives “feed us” and are part of our wellness approach: career, exercise, nutrition, spirituality and relationships. Are we perfect? No, and that’s beside the point. Do we always feel stress-free and symptom-free? No. We are all on the journey. It’s a type of approach, a way of looking at the world. A perspective. Enjoy!

Meet Us
The Holisticates is founded by a mother-daughter team, Kim and Angela, an herbalist and health coach, who share their diverse experiences, training and perspectives on holistic, balanced living.

Our Mission

We hope that in sharing our experiences in finding balance we will inspire and empower others on their journey toward wholeness.

Kim Othic 

Kim is an herbalist, blogger and writer who has completed two programs in herbalism. Her broad study of herbalism facilitates her holistic approach to a balanced life.  She grows and harvests her own herbs for remedies for her friends, family and community and is a wild-crafter of local herbs.  Kim spends a lot of her time harvesting local wild foods, making her own skin care products and homemade soaps, and creating home-canned foods from her garden. She prefers to practice old-world skills instead of finding the latest time-saving gadget.

Kim has focused on living a holistic life for over 20 years while being challenged with several autoimmune disorders. As a Holisticate, she shares insights, wisdom and recipes from her journey toward wholeness to inspire and empower others to live a holistic and balanced life. Kim is generous with her knowledge of traditional skills, organic gardening, herbal remedies and natural healing.

Kim is also a proud mother of four. She lives with her husband and dog, Josie, in Northern Missouri.

Angela Watson Robertson

Angela is a holistic health coach, wellness entrepreneur, writer, yoga teacher and intuitive healer specializing in nutrition and emotional health.

After spending most of her life challenged with panic and anxiety, adrenal fatigue, gut inflammation and severe candida overgrowth, she has made living an authentic, holistic and balanced life her priority.

Angela is the creator of TheHolisticates.com and the Founder of Angela Watson Coaching where she offers 1 on 1 health coaching programs, online nutrition programs, reiki energy balancing and customized yoga, meditation and breathwork sessions. To learn more check out www.angelawatsonrobertson.com.

As a Holisticate, she shares her experiences, recipes, stories and wisdom about yoga, meditation and mindfulness, personal and spiritual growth, energy balancing, nutrition and digestive health and holistic living.

She lives with her husband and 3 dogs in Dallas, TX.

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